Daily Practise

Let me tell you about my daily practise – I hope by sharing my practise you will begin to get some ideas for your own practise.

Because I am a runner I love to use my training as an example of daily practise.  When I am going to train for a new running event I design my training programme but then I put this programme into action by daily practises – this might include some core strength training, cross training, Pilates, speed work and a few road runs each week.  It is the same for our daily practise when designing a blueprint to create a new life.  There is no point in creating a vision for your life and then sitting back in the hope it will happen – you need to do the work.  The work is this daily practise I am talking about to build a good foundation.

My daily practise involves the following ritual in the morning;

  1. 20 minute meditation – listening to my breath
  2. Watching a 5 minute  digital vision board for my new life
  3. Feeling the feeling of my new life when watching my digital vision board
  4. Expressing gratitude for the different blessings in my life – this can be something as simple as a good nights sleep

I like to keep my daily practise simple and manageable so that it feels integrated into my day.

In the evening I stop and meditate for 10 minutes and I look at my digital vision board again.  Through the day I do a quick  check in on how I am doing in living in alignment with the new vision for my life.  Before I go to sleep I list all the things I am grateful for that day – this could be meeting up with a friend for a coffee.

I also make a point of celebrating every little step/achievement.  The more I am engaged in this daily practise the more automatic it becomes and the easier it gets.