Blueprint for life

What exactly is a blueprint for life?

A blueprint for your life is simply setting out a map of the kind of life you want to create.  What are the cornerstones of the new life you want to create and what will this life look like and how will you feel in this new life?  Do not limit yourself when designing this new life.

I am a passionate runner and when I plan to do an event like a 10 k, half marathon or full marathon I design my training programme around all aspects of the run including diet, training runs, core strength, cross training.  I include in this design – how I feel during training and also crossing the finish line.   It is the same process when designing a blueprint for your life include all aspects of your life – work, home environment, relationships, health, finance, spirituality, community.

When looking at the different aspects of your life – ask yourself the question “What does your life look like when it is complete? “,  Janet and Chris Atwood have a wonderful programme developed which I have found really helpful in designing my new blueprint – it is called the passion plan.   You can check it out at

Thanks & Very best to you