Julianne’s Story



I created this site in the hope that my story might be of help to someone else.julianne   Over 10 years ago now I felt like I was on a spinning wheel – constantly moving around but going nowhere with no direction. Like a lot of people I was lead by my external environment and I did not realise the power  I had within me to change my life.

In 2006 I was busy working  in the adult education and training sector in Ireland, generally busy getting on with everyday life.   I was also a marathon runner and loved to run to clear my head.

On the face of it my life looked great but I was feeling increasingly frustrated as I was unhappy with my work – I could not see a way forward.   I was earning good money and I felt I could not give this up so easily.   We had a mortgage to pay and other financial commitments.  I was so wrapped up in my problems I could not see any solutions.   I was not even able to see all the good stuff I had in my life – I let the one thing that was not working (my job) take over and focused on the problem.

My work background

I have a Masters Degree in Education and worked in the Adult Education sector for almost 20 years.  The funny thing was – I often worked with people who were looking for a new direction in life and helped them to set goals and draw up action plans for change.  But somehow when it came to making changes myself I found it difficult.

The wake up call in my life

Then in April 2006 I  had a wake up call – a car accident that changed everything.   I injured part of my brain that controls muscle movement – the diagnosis was Dystonia along with severe soft tissue damage.  Dystonia is a permanent injury – I was facing a lifelong injury with severe pain and a pain management plan using Botox treatment.

This was certainly not the life I wanted or visualised for myself.  I was registered to run the Dublin Marathon  and all I could think about was “how could I get back to running”.

As the weeks and months passed it was increasingly clear to me that my injury was very serious and disabling – instead of feeling trapped in my job I now felt trapped in a body that no longer worked.   I missed my running – not being able to run was like breath going from my body .

My journey to recovery

This site tells the story of my recovery journey and the tools I used to help me along the way.

My diagnosis took a while – at first doctors thought I just had severe soft tissue damage but as the months went by and I did everything I could to recover with the steely determination of a marathon runner I knew there was something more serious.  Eventually I went to a neurologist in London and got a proper diagnosis – there was a mix of relief and shock that came with the diagnosis as I was told i had a permanent injury.   There and then I decided I was going to get better somehow.

My journey to recovery initially involved an inward journey of healing and surrender – I read every self-help book I could get my hands on and started to practise meditation.   I had never meditated in my life before and I really thought meditation was for monks up a mountain somewhere and not for ordinary everyday people.

Meditation was a key to unlocking inner healing in my life and as I began to heal inwardly and open myself up to help from a higher power things started to change in my external environment as well.

I remember the excitement when my sister gave me a present of a movie called “What the Bleep- down the rabbit hole” featuring quantum scientists including Jo Dispenza.  This was a game changer for me – I realised that I had power to rewire my brain and if I could do this I could get better.  I started to visualise the part of my brain that was damaged and imagine it being healed – I did this everyday.  I thanked the higher power in my life for my healing and visualised my new recovered life.  This took daily practise and discipline and did not happen overnight but the more I did this the more help came to me.   I also registered for the Connemara Half Marathon and asked them to hold my place every year – I imagined myself crossing the line of this marathon.  I finally ran this race in 2012 – six years after the accident.

My physical recovery came when an extraordinary man came into my life – a  Neurologist in Russia who treated me.

What I realise now was that I designed a clear blueprint for my recovery – my signpost for this recovery was running the Connemara Half Marathon.   I am now using the same tools to design a blueprint for my life going forward and this is what I want to share with you.  The basis for my blueprint are my passions – my passion for running was the basis for my recovery.

These tools include;

  1. Meditation
  2. Visualisation
  3. Affirmations
  4. Expressing gratitude
  5. Actions
  6. Becoming aware of my use of everyday language

I hope I can be of some help to you if you are feeling stuck in your life or feeling powerless to change your life.  Life is an amazing adventure once we realise we all have the power to change and create the life we want.


Very Best Wishes